Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I did yet another committal today; I'm told it will be my last for a good week or so. It really is starting to become routine, so I'm glad I'll be taking a break from it. The last thing I want is for something solemn and sacred to become routine - alas, if I become a priest, celebrating Mass WILL be routine. For that matter, attending daily mass is already a daily activity for me, as well. I guess the problem isn't making the sacred "routine" - on the contrary, the more we come into contact with the sacred, the closer we are to our ultimate union with Christ in heaven - but there's something about any making any action "routine" that automatically makes it terribly mundane. Hence why an maintaining an interior disposition receptive to God's grace is so important! Every moment is a gift from God! Every moment is sacred!

Upon my arrival back to St. Ben's, Pastoral Associate Mike O'Malley invited me out to a lunch with the "Ministry of Praise" - a group of parishioners who work to communicate with the homebound to keep them informed of the goings-on at the parish. Sr. Emmanuel (a Franciscan who has been in her Order for over 50 years!) and Sally, a woman whose extended family has been at St. Benedict's for generations, made a delightful lunch for Mike and I. Both of them are extraordinarily healthy for their advanced age, not to mention independent. For a good portion of the afternoon, we worked to organize a bulletin for the 40-50 seniors - writing petitions, picking out comic strips, mulling over current and future parish events - all in all, an afternoon well-spent. It was also a powerful lesson in learning about the importance of the "behind-the-scenes" parishioners. The mystical Body of Christ is made up of many members, and each member is endowed with specific gifts to keep the entire body functioning. As important as the principal at the high school or the pastor of the parish may be, they need other parishioners as much as other parishioners need them. Cliche as it may sound, we are all connected - so long as we stay in Christ.

The same applies for Choir practice, too. There's quite an eclectic group of people comprising the choir here at St. Benedict's, buts that a GOOD thing. One minute, we're talking about American Idol; the next, you're speaking about praying outside abortion clinics and signing up for Eucharistic adoration. It goes a long way in keeping the sacred from becoming routine!

Heavenly Father, bring us closer to you in every activity of our day. Grant that we may find you in every moment of life you have given us. May everything we do glorify you, the only One truly worthy of being glorified, Lord forever and ever. AMEN!

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