Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Today was possibly the most uneventful day I've had at St. Ben's thus far. I realize that I sound like a broken record on this subject, but Mondays are quite possibly the most boring days in the life of an interning seminarian. I had literally NOTHING to do. I tried the schools, the rectory, the church...anything to get me off of my computer and help out in any way possible.

I found absolutely NOTHING, anywhere. I managed to run a few personal errands in lieu of the actual "business" of working. I thought I might actually have something to do when Fr. Steve invited me along to the Vicariate "cluster" meeting of the parish priests from the immediate area, located in the social center. I was there for all of 20 minutes before I was asked to leave (Brotherhood of Priests and all that, ya know). Even a seminarian isn't privy to that inner sanctum of information, though I don't begrudge them for not including me. My presence would've undoubtedly "censored" certain topics of conversation, anyway, so hopefully everything that needed to be said at the meeting was said. God bless our priests!

I was slightly miffed that I had to hightail out of the meeting; it's not that I'm bitter about not being able to hear anything, it's just that I was, once again, left with absolutely nothing to do! At least my 3:00PM holy hour was made all the more prayerful. Nothing like a dull and dreary Monday to make one crave the Eucharist!

6:00PM brought some much-needed changes. The St. Benedict Holy Name Society was holding a cookout; not only did this 3-hours affair keep me out of the scheduled Benfest meeting, but I got to hear some hilarious wedding stories from Fr. Steve and Dradyne (a woman from the group who coordinates the events inside the church building). Bridezilla's got nothing on the "Attack of the Wedding Paparazzi," the drunken grooms puking in the parish garden, or the nervous stepfather hiding out in the choir loft hoping to avoid the mother of the bride's wrath at his very appearance at "mommy's little girl"'s wedding. Eye-opening stuff, to be sure! It sounded like a book deal in the making - I wonder what kind of weddings I'll have to "preside" at? I'm not so naive as to believe everyone that gets married is a saintly image of heaven, but I'm also hopeful to avoid some of the awkward and embarrassing situations I heard about tonight. Fr. Steve's been a priest for all of 5 years, and he's already got "wedding stories" for any occasion. Hmmmm...well, whatever God gives me, I receive. I pray that any couples that get married on my watch realize that.

God, give me the grace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. AMEN!

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