Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quite possibly the shortest work day ever. A funeral at 10:30AM (and I only had to sing in the choir for that; no committal this time) and that's it! I did run a few errands in between a lunch outing with a college friend (Thanks Larry!), but as it turned out, contrary to my initial understanding, I didn't need to show up to the pre-school "graduation" after I didn't. It's the first time thus far I've deliberately NOT ATTENDED a parish event, and in some ways, it has me concerned. Is this life finally starting to become "routine" in the worst way possible? Am I becoming jaded and cynical to the point where I think that some parish going-on are a waste of time? For that matter, if this is indeed the case, is that a BAD thing?

Tomorrow, I've got a lunch date with an elderly parishioner who, I'm told, LOVES seminarians. I received a rather surprising affirmation of this when I called her this afternoon. When I introduced myself as the resident seminarian, she immediately replied "so when are you coming to visit me?" Talk about a warm welcome! It's her birthday, too...maybe I should get her a gift?

The other highlight of my day, besides having oodles of time to work on some "seminary stuff," was the lovely little letter dropped off in my mailbox at the rectory today. I've been invited out to breakfast with a group of 10:00AM mass regulars!

Suffice it to say this Sunday now looks radically different from my first two weekends here. W00t! My first breakfast invite! Does that mean I'm "part of the block" now? As I told Larry as we walked by a young grade-schooler who confidently waved at me, "I'm either famous or infamous." Here's hoping it's the former, and I think this note proves that I am! Thank you Lord for this day! Grant me strength and courage as I move forward with my discernment here at St. Benedict's Parish. May I increase in the virtues of faith, hope and love each and every day I'm here. AMEN!

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  1. Have fun dude with your first breakfast invite! You'll do're Handy Andy of course :) haha! I couldn't resist. Seriously though, it seems like St. Benedict's is shaping up to being a very constructive, healthy, prayerful, and worthwhile environment for you. The parish, the people which comprise it, and the lifestyle are all apparently aiding your priestly vocation. That is a beautiful thing! I know that from not only your blog (which I just found) but also through our talks on the phone. Hang in there bro...continue to stay close to our Blessed Mother! You know as I do, that she and her Son will never ever let us down...they are always with us. I'll do my best at staying on top of your posts and visiting your blog as often as I can. See ya' later man....I'll have lots to tell you about California!!!!!!! Yea!!!