Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today I:

-Went to Mass early (6:30AM!)
-made phone calls/e-mails to potential Benfest volunteers
-had lunch with the Vice Rector of St. Joseph College Seminary, Fr. Peter Snieg
-went to an incredibly long-winded and overly extensive meeting relating to the buildings and grounds of the parish
-helped out at Tuesday night Bingo (as usual)

Highlight of the day: Mrs. Marge, the secretary at the school, commented, "You're good at the phone, you're good with the computer, and you're not afraid to talk to people. I think you're going to make a good priest!" A very gratifying moment!

Lowpoint: Joe, a volunteer at bingo, called me "big guy" again today. Hrmm....

Lord, help me to take both the good and the bad of everyday and glorify You with ALL of it. Never let any moment You have given me go to waste. Jesus, I trust in You! AMEN!!

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