Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woke up for mass at 8:30AM, and I managed to pray the Office a bit beforehand for once. At least I managed to get back into the rectory before 9:30AM!

Breakfast today marked the last time I'm likely to see Fr. O'Boyle for awhile; he's going to Ireland for vacation for a month or so, and he's arriving back in the states just after I'm scheduled to leave!

Ah Well. Fr. Steve, Associate Pastor who is also soon-to-be-gone (less than two weeks! *sadface*) took me out to a nursing home for mass today. First time I'm seen a mass at a place like that, though I'm not too surprised how it all "turned out." I've been to nursing homes before, and I've even seen ecumenical "services," but seeing Fr. Steve trying to pray in the "orans" position with a microphone was certainly...well, novel. To think that I will have to be his replacement now that he's leaving is very humbling. The plaque the residents and managers of the nursing home bestowed upon Fr. Steve after the mass clearly does not show their gratitude sufficiently. They will miss him dearly. You are a good priest, Fr. Steve.

Afternoon turned into a few errands (both personal and church-related), and everything was relatively quiet until evening, when Fr. Steve invited me out to dinner. Italian - yum! We talked about politics, the church, the priesthood, and...wait for it...Saturday Night Live. You name it, we covered it.

Suffice it to say that I think Fr. Steve is more than a good priest. I'm not sure he's on the verge of "greatness" yet - the essence of sacrifice is there (he paid for my dinner :P), but sometimes I think he lack the courage of the Saints I'm hearing about more and more these days. More likely, it is my own lack of prudence that is causing me to reach this judgment (and I'm no model of bravery, either), and although it is with much sadness that Fr. Steve leaves St. Benedict, it will be with much rejoicing that the Catholics at UIC receive him into their "parish." I wiash Fr.Steve the best and will certainly be praying for him earnestly. I owe him that and so much more just for the dinner alone!

God, never let me forget all that has been given to me, both directly by you and through your creation. As the Year of the Priest begins tomorrow, bless all seminarians, priests, bishops, and the Holy Father with your most powerful graces. Lead us all ever closer to you. AMEN!!

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