Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 23, 2009

It's my brother Tim's birthday today! I gave him a cheery (albeit obligatory) facebook birthday wish, but I'll be calling him just to rub it in. Happy Birthday, Tim!

My day at work was considerably shortened today due to the second "Day of Recollection" for the seminarians involved in this "Discernment Internship" thing. Since our location for the event was St. Thomas of Villanova parish in Palatine, I had to wake up early to catch the Brown line just to get to St. Joe's in time. All in all, everything went really well; everyone seems to be doing well, though if I had to guess, everyone else, whether they are saying so or not, are suffering from the "routine" syndrome I've described so much in my blog. One, however, mentioned his particularly sticky circumstances dealing with church teaching and its implemenation in the parish. His description of the events made me happy to be at St. Ben's. Heterodoxy exists here, but it's covert. When the enemy is so obnoxious as to use in-your-face tactics in the church itself, well, you know you've got an uphill battle on your hands. Prayers for courage, Pollo! Good luck!

Anne, our cook here three days a week, made a wonderful pasta dinner tonight. Filled me up and primed me for the long but satisfying High School Board meeting. My Quigley experience compelled me to chime in on more than once occasion; however, just being an observer and NOT an official board member, I was a silent listener the whole time, with the exception of the under-my-breath guttural mutterings that I'm sure those next to me heard. At least the meeting wasn't boring (I'm looking at you, buildings and grounds committee!)

Overall, a very satisfying day, although I wish I could have remembered to pray a bit in the high school chapel after the meeting. It was probably too hot anyway...oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Dear Lord, grant me the courage to stand up for Your truth and follow it whereever it leads. Thank You for the gift of life and love; keep me grounded in You forever. AMEN!!

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